Resources for Teachers:

Classroom Resources

Lesson plans and resources for every area of the curriculum.
Collections of resources organized by subject or theme.
Interactive whiteboard resources.
Flashcard makers.

Excellent Resources for ALL Content Areas----------->
Peterson Website (Thanks Sharla!)
Too many resources to list! Check it out!
Money Unit
Telling Time
Pinterest Inspired Classroom
How to do research--AWESOME interactive website
you are your words
Web 2.0 advent calendar
PBS Learning Media
Janet Benincosa - Harrison County Schools

Reading Resources:

Reproducible books.
Reading games.
Publishing Resources

Descriptive Writing Lesson
MixBook Mixbook is a free online scrapbook/calendar/card creator.
Free Digital Books- We Give books

Mathematics Resources:

Math resources.
Math games and activities.
Converting fractions to decimals
Super Math World
Free topics include: adding, measures, number patterns, percentages, place value, area, estimating, fractions, negative numbers, set theory, venn diagrams, and series.
math pickle
zoo whiz


Links to online resources.
Links to research sites.
SMITHSONIAN WILDSmithsonian Wild lets students explore 206,340 camera trap images collected at research sites around the world. Animals are searchable by species name or location in the world.
Quick demo of how ear captures and interprets sound waves

Social Studies

iCivics prepares young Americans to become knowledgeable, engaged 21st century citizens by creating free and innovative educational materials.
History of the World
Time Maps TimeMaps lets students look at every nation, empire and civilization as one story through maps. This is the history of the world from 3500BC to 2005AD!

Music Education Links

WVDE official video. Arts Alive 2012 Finale performing "Home Among the Hills".
Green Eggs and Ham Rap
Quincy and the Magic Instruments
Music wiki
PBL using recycled items to create musical compositions.
Scott Joplin
Howa recorder is made
Music Matters Blog

Art Education Links

Creating an origami crane
Origami Frogs

Drawing Animals
Drawing Faces
Drawing faces 2
Drawing Faces 3
Perspective 2
Perspective 3
Perspective 4
Perspective 5
Perspective 6
Throwing Clay
Color Theory
Still Life
Google Sketchup
Tagxedo Turns words -- famous speeches, news articles, slogans and themes, even your love letters -- into a visually stunning tag cloud, words individually sized appropriately to highlight the frequencies of occurrence within the body of text.
Floor planner
Tux Paint

Health and Physical Education Resources:

Health Education
Digestive System
Video for drug and alcohol awareness
Teen Depression Video
ADHD Video
Video about Conduct disorder in children and adolescents
Video about eating disorders
23 1/2 hours video
WV School Based Health Assembly- Jorea Marple Speaking
Nasty Video- DC Tobacco Free Families
Tattle Questions - a song about tattle tales
Stress Video
Relaxation Meditation
Stress and Memory - Video
Video of WV history's of its decreasing health.
goal setting - Jim Rohn is famous for his speeches on setting goals and self improvement.
goal setting video
This is a very good piece about the obesity epidemic in America.
melanoma skin cancer awareness
Movement/Dance demonstration of the dance routine "Move Your Body"
Instructional dance steps to the national movement/exercise initiative, "Let's Move".
Tribute to teen suicide victim
Tribute to teen suicide victim- video 2
how sterilization through ultra violet light is used in hospitals
Bullying video
Bloodborne pathogens video
video- tuberculosis
Video- blodborne pathogens (HIV/AIDS)
School Counseling Video on
This video addresses the issue of self-esteem in middle school girls
Video 1- Cyberbullying
Video 2- Cyberbullying
recycling video
Human Growth- Maslows hierarchy of need
How a virus invades your body - NPR video
Study Skills- Introduction video
Study SKills - video 2
Study Skills - Video 3
Sign Language
Quick demo of how ear captures and interprets sound waves.
5 senses
texting while driving
Recycling-How plastic bottles are made
The video Causing Pain: Real
Stories of Dating Abuse and Violence
Video about Courage
video about diligence
Video about perserverance
Being Kind
Helping others
Teaches kids directions
Drinking and Driving
Eating Disorders
Physical Education
WVDE Office of Healthy School Link
Elementary PE
Teaching children left and right
Writing Across the Curriculum
Write "Moving" Sports Poetry
Volleyball Passing
Volleyball Pepper
Kin Ball
Tennis Grips
Tennis Backhand
Tennis Forehand
Tennis Serve


WVU Dance Concert- Standing Tall
Fitness Salsa
SkeletonSOng and dance
Line Dance - Billie Jean
Hokey Pokey Video
Beyonce-Move your body
Cupid Shuffle
Firework Flash Mob
Do you love me- Zumba routine
Radio City Rockettes
Wiggles- Head shoulders knees and toes
If you're happy and you know it
Mexican Dancing
Dr Jean Banana DAnce
History of Rock and Roll San Francisco Jitterbugs-Lindy Hop
History of Rock and Roll 1920 Charleston
History of Rock and Roll The Blackbottom Dance 1920’s (evolution of the dance)
Adaptive PE Videos
adaptive pe games
Outdoor Adventure Videos
Ziplining 2
Ziplining 3
MISC. Videos
First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy
An apple a day is not enough
Teaches kids good manners and school rules.
Archery in the Schools Program
4x800 meter championship
2012 Summer Olympics

Foreign Languages Resources:

Foreign language lesson plans and resources.
Games for learning languages.
Spanish colors and covers a review of gender and number agreement and adjective placement
Learning the seasons
past tense

Craft Resources:

Professional Development:

Learning and teaching ideas and experiences
links for educational blogs

Planning and Classroom Management:

Lesson Planning.
Themes, Seasonal Ideas.
Behavior Management.
Classroom printables and clip art

Technology Links
Technology Video- Pay Attention
21st Century learners
Classrooms of the future
Livebinders Link
Classroom 2.0

Education Globe Trottingthis session is all about making your classroom more global. I’ve included technology that can help to make a classroom global, as well as some technology-free things that we have done at Anastasis that have made our students more global.
Pre-K and Kindergarten

Shapes Video
Seasons of the year
Spanish Alphabet